Make Something Everyday- Day 1

a Haiku by me…

Making things from mind

The process is what matters

Random creations


What do you think?  Am I on to something? Now go make your own it’s simple 3 lines, first with 5 sylables second w/7 third with 5.

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Plant now for summer

Today I was in our local hardware store in the gardening section where there was a sign that read, “Plant now for summer”.  To me it signaled how the world can send signals of what we must do in order to better ourselves.  Summer will come and time will pass without preparations we will not have the sweet tomatoes or enjoy a beautiful garden of flowers.   Nature is always preparing for the future, bees make honey (much more that they actually need), squirrels store nuts, Birds migrate in preparation of the winter.

The world is really conspiring to help us.  If we only pay attention.  I’m going to take the hint and plant some seeds so that I may reap in the future.  This site is one such seed :-)

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Coming soon a Blog’s Soft Start

This is a second revision of newrichretirment, but if you are new here you may not have even noticed.  This may not be the most common approach but, I’m not a common guy.  If you are starting a blog you can do what everyone suggests, get hosting (bluehost is who I like), install wordpress, buy a theme or some outher framework, and get blogging.  Well I may pay for it in viewership(those who’m don’t like the look) but it is the geek in me that wants to customize my own theme.  I figure I’ll do a soft-start as restaurants often do, opening early working out the kinks and then have a grand opening.   Oh by the way the first revision was another CMS system, I get a kick out of opensource :-).  So in keeping with the ready, fire, aim strategy enjoy the progression.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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